Sunday, January 31, 2016

Keiko's 2016 Wardrobe Post (Picture Heavy!)

Hello everyone!
Welcome to Keiko's 2016 wardrobe post!

 When I first came in contact with the fashion in the early 2000s, I loved gothic and guro lolita. It seemed delicate, twisted, and unattainable. I was but a young teenager with no funds and a currency that wasn't worth anything in the international market. Lolita was but a distant dream in EGL pages.  Today, while I remain attracted by both styles, I feel like they do not suit me as much as I would like. Instead, I'm a sweet lolita who does not like pastel prints --ironically, since I love fairy kei and will wear ALL the pastels for it. I focus on neutral colors and prints that call out to me, regardless of style.

I have been in the lolita fashion scene for about a year and a half now, but have never done a wardrobe post. Over that time, I have focused on acquiring certain pieces instead of buying anything affordable. I have looked high and low for most pieces I have over time and am quite proud of my wardrobe's progress in that short a timeframe. Mostly, I try to stick to black, brown, ivory, and pink, since most of the prints I like have one or several of those colors, and it helps with consistency and matching.

I'm usually no good at taking pictures, so it's one of my goals this year to take more of them so I can get better. I tried to improve on the ones I took, but given the horrible lighting in my room, and my general lack of space in a dorm, I feel like I did okay.

Anyway, let's start with the main pieces first!


Kuma Kumya's Royal Kingdom JSK II in Pink by BTSSB
I really loved the print's royal theme. It's my only Baby piece!
Sweet Cream House High-Waist JSK in ivory by Angelic Pretty
This print has so many lovely little details!
Musée du Chocolat JSK in Ivory by Angelic Pretty
The ribbons on the bodice sold me on this JSK
My Ultimate Dream Dress: Honey Cake Yoke JSK in Ivory by AP
C'mon, this blog is practically named after this print! It was that or Bear and Breakfast (lol)
Another of my favorite dresses: Melty Cream Doughnuts in Ivory by AP
This one still has the tags on because I basically just wear my brown one
I love the little cutlery details!
Melty Cream Doughnuts JSK in Brown by AP
The chiffon and shirring make it light and comfortable
It's like a cappuccino/chocolate version!
Cream Cookie Collection JSK in brown by AP
It's perfect for being a hot-chocolate cup in the spring
I feel like bears are a motif in my wardrobe
Chess Chocolate Bustier JSK in Brown by AP
This was the print that made me want to get into lolita.
My boyfriend was a total sweetie and got this for me for Christmas
Royal Creamy Chocolate JSK in Brown by AP
Cutlery is another motif in my wardrobe. I just love it!
A la Carte Teatime JSK in Black by AP
I love the scalloped details in this dress. It also has cutlery, shirring, and is overall very comfortable
Little Bear's Cafe High-Waist JSK in Black by AP
This dress is quite heavy and warm. Perfect for winter
Bears + Cutlery + Doughnuts = Happiness
Horror Garden White JSK by AP
My newest baby <3
I really like the bat-wing details all over this dress, as well as the overlay on the print
Electric Circus in the Moonlight Night JSK I by Alice and the Pirates
I got a spark of inspiration from the Vocaloid song 'Dark Wood Circus', so I had to get it
I really like all the little details all over this print
Guilty Meltin' Sweets Town JSK I in Black x Purple by AATP
This dress skirts the gothic and sweet lines really well
So many details in this print! My favorite is the chandelier-cake.
Merry Making in the Ghost Town JSK II in Black by AATP
My introduction to Gothic Lolita proper
The cross and chains sold me on this JSK. Plus the more forgiving sizing.
Tricky Nightmare Factory JSK I in Black by AATP
This one regrettably is up for sale because it is a bit too short on me
AATP's detailed prints strike again!
Marionette in My Closet Room JSK I in Monochrome by AATP
This one just got a new owner, but it is still in my hands, so I decided to include it
Close up of the gorgeous print
I am a bit sad to see it go, honestly, but I need the money for other things
That's all for my main pieces! I really like JSKs, since OPs are not as forgiving in sizing, and skirts are a bit too short for my taste a lot of the time. I feel mostly like a collector in search of specific dresses, as I am often times not attracted by newer releases. I also have Holy Lantern High-Waist JSK in pink by AP coming in March, but it might also be a candidate for sale due to wedding costs, unfortunately.

Blouses & Outerwear

Because I live in a small town, it is hard to find blouses from bigger chains, as they are not accessible. Fortunately, I have gotten lucky with thrift stores, which is where most of my blouses have come from. I feel like I need to diversify my blouses, and I definitely need to get actual, coat-like outerwear.
Black & White Blouses from Boguta
They have two sets of detachable sleeves: long and hime-style
Black and white thrifted blouses
I like wearing them underneath JSKs
Thrifted Brown blouses
R-series &TRA LA LA
Thrifted & BTSSB
AP Parka and Thrifted everything else

Legwear & Footwear

I love socks way too much, and this year I had to trim some out because I had too many...
Offbrand, AP, AP, AP, Offbrand

I forgot to take a picture of these with the rest orz


I also am in love with head pieces. I would love to own all the matching headpieces for my main pieces. I collect them almost compulsively
Antique Beast 
Mostly AP, but some Rilakkuma and offbrand

Offbrand, Chocomint moon clip, and Hexenhaus brooches
AP except the white one to the right, which is offbrand
AP, offbrand, BTSSB, & AATP
This one is up for sale
This one is also up for sale with the JSK 
I felt like this would look amazing with miracle candy, but ended up having to sell the dress
It's up for sale now

Accessories & Jewelry

Normally, I don't wear jewelry. Lolita has made me explore that aspect of fashion much more than any other fashion I have worn, since I like my coordinates to be well-matched.
AP minus the crown, which is from CiciWorks, and the black BTSSB lace wristcuffs
AP except first ring, which is offbrand
Offbrand except for the golden Chess Chocolate ring from AP
Top: Chocomint, AP, AP, Offbrand
Bottom: Chocomint, AP, Offbrand, Offbrand
AP; sorry for the blurry picture orz
Offbrand and AATP


I'm super lazy so I just took a general picture.
Top: AP, offbrand, AP
Bottom: SWIMMER, offbrand, offbrand, AP, offbrand, offbrand
..Aaaaaaand that's a wrap!
Thank you for sticking with me for my first wardrobe post on lolita fashion. I am overall quite satisfied with my wardrobe, even if there are still some things I need to get in order to round it out.
Have you done a wardrobe post this year? If so, feel free to leave a link below so I can live vicariously through you  enjoy them as well.
Keiko out~!


  1. Sweet Arceus! Only a year and half and you already have an amazing wardrobe! May I ask where did you buy the Antique beast headdress? I like the palete: I love wearing black and red too!

    1. I actually bought the Antique Beast headdress directly from antique beast last year. I'm totally looking forward to getting more of their stuff. It's super detailed and well-made. Thank you so much on your compliments iwi I tried very hard to hunt out all the pieces, and I feel like I got most of my wishlist items. I will probably generate a new wishlist sometime soon as well