Thursday, March 3, 2016

Welcome back~!

Hey everybody!

Keiko here~

As I mentioned yesterday, I have a new addition to my wardrobe. I saw it on Lacemarket and I got hit by a ping of nostalgia. I had to get it back!

Petit Patisserie is baaack!
Funnily enough, I bought the barrette + jsk + socks set from the same person I sold them to. She was looking to sell the set because she had too many brown dresses --which was why I had sold it to her last summer. It was funny how it happened!

The seller came from a house of smokers, so the dress smelled like cigarettes, and I had to wash it in the washing machine to help take the smell out. Fortunately, Petit Patisserie is washing machine-friendly and I had no problem. I'd suggest using a laundry bag instead of a pillowcase for anybody thinking of washing it, though.

As soon as I washed it I had to wear it right away, so I made a simple coord for going to my internship on campus today.
Do you have any dresses you regretted selling? If so, did you ever end up hunting them back down? Let me know in the comments below, and thank you for sticking around!

See ya later~

Keiko out!

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  1. That's quite lucky that you managed to not only get the print you wanted, but to buy it back from the same person you had sold it to, that doesn't happen a lot. The whole ensemble looks really cute.

    I haven't done much selling yet, I'm still at the gathering stage of my Lolita life. But I hope that if/when I do sell something, I will genuinely be ready to part with it. I'm thinking of trading my only OP for something, but even though I have the WTT post written out, I can't quite bring myself to post it just yet. :P