Saturday, January 28, 2017

52 Weeks of Lolita - Favorite thing to put on my head

Hey there friends,

Today marks the first month doing the 52 week lolita challenge. Today's topic is about what's my favorite head accessory and the answer is super simple: berets!
I love the fact that berets can be so versatile and adorned with different things to dress them up or down. I feel like I need more berets in my collection. I particularly love the Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates berets the best. They are understated, cute, and super comfortable!
My beret collection as of last year
Usually I'll combine a beret with a brooch, a headbow, or a cute clip. I don't like tying the ribbon on the princess drop beret from BTSSB, since I find it uncomfortable, but otherwise it's probably my favorite and most used one out of the seven.
From left to right: Red beret with black bear ears headbow, red beret with donut brooch, and brown beret with pancake headband

I'd like to get a red beret and a beret with a detachable bow. I might get a new pink beret as well... I just love them!
What is your favorite headwear item? Are you a head-eating bow kind of person, or a minimalist headband type? Feel free to share in the comments below~!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

52 Weeks of Lolita - What my own Lolita lifestyle is like

Hey there everyone~

This is Keiko on week three of the 52 week lolita challenge! Today's topic is talking about my lifestyle as a lolita. Honestly, I'm not a lifestyle lolita by any means, but I'll give you some details about my fashion bubble anyway~

Let's start~!
I used to wear to class and work sometimes. Particularly when the dresses were comfortable and toned down. I was blessed to have pretty flexible work as a Spanish tutor at school and what I wore wasn't a big issues, so sometimes I'd dress up for the whole day and see my students and classmates while in frills.

I also used wear to go out and do stuff with friends. I do this a lot less often now that I graduated and live further away from my roommates and my friends, I have less occasion to doll up and go out. Nowadays, I wear lolita mostly to meetups, though I still dress up to go out alone occasionally.
Sneaking a picture in the internship office
My shared room is my little corner of the world. It has stickers, posters, cute business cards, drawings, and plushies everywhere. Nowadays I also like to put together outfits on the mannequin every once in a while and practice coordinating and taking pictures. I really enjoy having a space that follows lolita aesthetics and kawaii culture in some form, since it makes me feel inspired to keep doing what I love.

In terms of pastimes, I honestly don't really have lolita-like hobbies, but I do draw, write, and bake occasionally. Playing horror and otome games are a passion of mine, and I enjoy watching horror movies and animated films. I used to be into manga and anime, but I have not read or watched anything big recently. I want to get back into it, though.
 What's your life as a lolita like? Are you a lifestyler or do you only wear it on special occasions? Do you have lolita-like hobbies, or is it just a fashion for you?

Friday, January 20, 2017

2017 Wardrobe Post (Picture Heavy)

Hey, everyone!
Keiko here with this year's wardrobe post~

This year, I did less purchasing than the last few ones. I focused a bit more on rounding out my wardrobe rather than purchasing main pieces. It helped a lot that my favorite brand, Angelic Pretty, didn't really release anything that caught my eye --the few main pieces I got were old AP releases or Alice and The Pirates ones. Without further ado, let's get to the meat of it!

Main Pieces

Kuma Kumya's Royal Kingdom
This is one of the few BABY pieces I own. I love bears so I couldn't resist!

Papillonage en Eclats Dance JSK
The layers give this piece a fairy-like feel
Revival Lotta JSK
The lacing details on the bodice of this piece are beautiful
Sweet Cream House High Waist JSK
I love the velvet detailing on this JSK
Honey Cake Joke JSK (I forgot to take details on this one :( )
MuseƩ du Chocolat JSK (I accidentally took a picture with the wrong headbow --oops!)
Melty Cream Doughnuts JSK
The cutlery charms on the bow are the cutest!
Melty Cream Doughnuts JSK
The custom lace has little doughnuts on it!
Petit Patisserie High Waist JSK
The chest ruffles are super cute~
Cream Cookie Collection JSK
The tiny bears in this print convinced me to get it
Chess Chocolate Bustier JSK
This one was of my original dream dresses
Tea Time A la Carte JSK
Little Bear's Cafe High Waist JSK
Mercator's Antique Shop Special Set JSK 
I love the corset lacing at the front of this cut
Horror Garden JSK 
Beautiful bat collar~
Electric Circus in the Moonlit Night JSK I
My favorite part of this JSK is the military-style bodice
Guilty Meltin' Sweets Town JSK II
Merrymaking in the Ghost Town JSK II
The small cross is probably my favorite detail of this JSK
Tea Time Nostalgia JSK II

The chest ruffle on this piece has rose-themed lace
Rosy Night's Masquerade JSK II
AATP strikes again with beautiful detailing~


Berets, which I want more of eventually
Black Head Accessories for extra ~spoopy~ coordinates
Headbows (and a crown)
Other hair accessories (and a random pin)
Offbrand head accessories


Necklaces and Rings
Spoopy necklaces and rings
More miscellaneous accessories


I managed to get some neutral purses this year to round out my wardrobe more


I only photographed my brand socks. I have about 10-12 other offbrand tights, OTKs, and ankle socks on top of this collection
I have lots of brown and ivory socks. I may have a problem <3
I actually want the ballerina socks in brown as well


Obligatory sacrificial semi-circle of shoes


My wardrobe has definitely grown this year. I've bought some neutral, comfortable shoes, some nice matchable purses, and a handful of beautiful main pieces. I'm pretty satisfied with how it has been developing so far. I only have a couple dream pieces left on my wishlist, and some minor gaps I need to fill in my closet (even if matching pinks is suuuper hard!).

Do you like the way your wardrobe is now? Is there anything you'd like to change about it? Let me know in the comments and feel free to link me to your own wardrobe post if you have any <3

Keiko out~