Saturday, January 21, 2017

52 Weeks of Lolita - What my own Lolita lifestyle is like

Hey there everyone~

This is Keiko on week three of the 52 week lolita challenge! Today's topic is talking about my lifestyle as a lolita. Honestly, I'm not a lifestyle lolita by any means, but I'll give you some details about my fashion bubble anyway~

Let's start~!
I used to wear to class and work sometimes. Particularly when the dresses were comfortable and toned down. I was blessed to have pretty flexible work as a Spanish tutor at school and what I wore wasn't a big issues, so sometimes I'd dress up for the whole day and see my students and classmates while in frills.

I also used wear to go out and do stuff with friends. I do this a lot less often now that I graduated and live further away from my roommates and my friends, I have less occasion to doll up and go out. Nowadays, I wear lolita mostly to meetups, though I still dress up to go out alone occasionally.
Sneaking a picture in the internship office
My shared room is my little corner of the world. It has stickers, posters, cute business cards, drawings, and plushies everywhere. Nowadays I also like to put together outfits on the mannequin every once in a while and practice coordinating and taking pictures. I really enjoy having a space that follows lolita aesthetics and kawaii culture in some form, since it makes me feel inspired to keep doing what I love.

In terms of pastimes, I honestly don't really have lolita-like hobbies, but I do draw, write, and bake occasionally. Playing horror and otome games are a passion of mine, and I enjoy watching horror movies and animated films. I used to be into manga and anime, but I have not read or watched anything big recently. I want to get back into it, though.
 What's your life as a lolita like? Are you a lifestyler or do you only wear it on special occasions? Do you have lolita-like hobbies, or is it just a fashion for you?

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