Saturday, January 14, 2017

52 Weeks of Lolita - 5 movies for Lolitas

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This week's topic is recommending five films for lolitas to watch. For some reason, I decided to go thematically rather than focus on costuming or cinematography. I tried to have some variety, but undoubtedly these are (mostly) pretty lighthearted movies. Enjoy~

1. Alice In Wonderland

This movie was an obvious choice, as there are tons of Alice references within lolita and lolita media. However, I feel like Alice's character is encapsulates a trait that much of the lolita community seems to have in common: the creation of our own space separate from mainstream reality as a way to make life more interesting. Among tea parties, cute animals, and trump motifs, lolitas have taken to their own hands building the a real version of the adventures Alice only dreamed of.

2. Beauty and the Beast

While the aesthetics of the new film with Emma Watson look perfect for lolita photoshoots, since it's not out yet by the time of this blogpost, I'm going with the Disney version. Bella always dreamed of more than village life could give her. In a sense, I feel like lolitas share this desire for more than what their surroundings can offer and find that something extra in the fashion and other hobbies.

3. Legally Blonde

This film, to me, is about exploring that there are different kinds of feminine and that femininity isn't inherently bad. Elle has to struggle and live through humiliations and constant judgement from her peers because her hobbies and presentation don't live up to their expectations. Similarly, lolitas have trouble with strangers' prejudices simply because their means of expression through clothing are out of the norm. In that sense, the fact that the film illustrates that you can be quirky and successful aligns speaks to my experience as a lolita. Plus, if Elle was a lolita, you can bet she'd be one of the sweetest sweet ones.

4. The Princess Diaries

This film's narrative of transforming from a mundane girl to royalty captures the essence of part of a common experience delving into lolita. We all started somewhere and for some of us the journey to lolita was from wearing metaphorical rags to riches. I know switched my old, worn T-shirts and jeans to fancier clothes and took better care of my appearance when I started wearing the fashion.

5. Crimson Peak

This one is for those of us who like a gothic story. This is a thriller film with beautiful visuals and costuming. While it's not one of Del Toro's best works, it is still so beautiful cinematographically and musically that I couldn't help but recommend it. I associate it with lolita particularly because I attended a gothic meetup to go see it once.


What movies would you watch if you were holding a meetup? Are there any you recommend (outside Kamikaze Girls) that have actual lolitas in them?

Keiko out~

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  1. I like your list!! My favorite movie is the Beauty and the beast. You have a very kawaii blog :) Cuteeeee