Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Lolita Trading Suggestions

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Today, I thought I'd talk about trading lolita items. Selling is mentioned a lot, but trading seems to be skipped often. I think it's because many people get nervous with even the mention of trading--and it's hard to blame them, as many things could go wrong when sending expensive items halfway across the country/continent/world. But that's exactly why I thought to write on this topic.

I have only traded twice myself. Though both of those times were within my own country, one trade was nerve-wracking and the other straightforward. As a result of these experiences, I feel like I've picked up some tips that might be useful for those considering a bit of change in their wardrobe.

Without further ado, here are some tips on lolita trading:

When Making a WTT Post

- Keep market value of your item in mind: You can't really ask for rare pieces if you're putting a lucky pack item up for trade, but you also don't want to get something cheaper/more damaged in exchange for an item in good condition.
- Make what you are looking for clear on your WTT post: If you are looking to trade and have made a post about it, you should try to make sure you clarify what kind of items or what specific pieces you are looking to trade for. This will minimize the risk of people bothering you with irrelevant or unequal offers. Bonus points if you create a picture or collage of the items you are looking for vs. what you have!

When you've found someone interested in trading

- Look at feedback: Is this person trustworthy within the community? Have they sold items as well as buying? Trading with another experienced lolita tends to have less bumps in the road than with a newbie.
- Take and ask for lots of proof pictures: It goes without saying that proof pictures are essential. Ask for proof picture of the item's front and back, close-up of details or the print, etc. Bonus points for taking pictures of the item(s) next to a handwritten note with a message of your choice.

After accepting a trade offer

- Consider swapping money over paypal: While you are trading items and preferably don't want to spend money, some people exchange a set amount over paypal in case the deal goes south. You can open a paypal dispute that way if the item doesn't arrive or has undisclosed damages.
- Consider insuring the packages: If you don't want to spend the amount of money of a dress through paypal (or if you want to take an extra step), you can also insure the parcels up to a set amount of money. That way, if something happens in the mail, you will at least get some money back.
- Agree on a shipping method beforehand: This will save you a lot of hassle in the long run. It is easier to just pick a shipping method you both agree on so that you know about when to expect your parcel, if it has a tracking number or insurance, etc.
- Decide on a specific shipping date: Setting a date for both of you to ship on helps reduce the anxiety of trading a lot.
- Give each other proof of sending the parcel: Whether it's a picture of the receipt, a notification through paypal, and/or a tracking number, always make sure to update each other on when the parcel has left your hands and is en-route to the new owner.

Once the trade has been completed

- Notify of parcel arrival: It's the polite thing to do to notify the other party that the parcel has arrived safely. It lifts a weight off their shoulders just at it does for you when you know your things aren't lost in the mail!
- Leave feedback if appropriate: This includes ratings in lacemarket, facebook, a personal page or blog, etc.
- Enjoy your new acquisition!

Have you ever traded before? How did it go? Feel free to share your experiences, horror stories, and tips below~!

Keiko out~

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