Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Wishlist update

Hey there peeps!

It's been a good while since I've posted about items that I want. Last time I updated my wishlist was when I had the prompt from the 30-day lolita challenge in January and, as I acquired new dresses and kept an eye on releases my tastes have shifted a bit since then. Still, the need is strong~
I typically am pretty picky about the main pieces I like. It is rare that I fall in love with new releases--particularly this year, which has been somewhat disappointing on that front. As a result, I pretty much only hunt for specific prints. Usually, I am drawn by chocolate, desserts, or Halloween themes. Hence Chess Chocolate, Creamy Royal Chocolate, Horror Garden, and Merrymaking in the Ghost Town, etc. fill my wardrobe after two years and some change of scouring the internet. for them. There's just something about sweets and whimsical spoopyness that always gets me. 

Lately, I've been attracted to pieces that give off a more sophisticated vampire-princessy feel. It may be the Halloween spirit invading me, but I've been drawn to black colorways of prints versatile enough to be coordinated for both sweet and gothic. Thankfully, my main piece wishlist has been dwindling steadily and there are only three dresses that I'd buy in a heartbeat if I saw them. Below are my top three wishlist items (and only main pieces I am actively looking for).

1. Marionette In My Closet Room

I used to own this dress and I really, really miss it. I'd like to get it in the Monochrome or BlackxPurple colorway. I've missed auctions on it a couple times and the only active ones are either the wrong color or way too expensive orz. Hopefully I'll be able to get a hold of it in the future.

2. Mercator's Antique Shop

I've had the bad luck to have missed several sales of this dress in the black colorway, which is my favorite. I'd like to get either the long JSK or the special set that is not high-waisted. It's such a beautiful print and has so many gorgeous details!

3. Charlotte's Bear JSK

Initially, I wasn't very convinced of this print. Like Imai Kira's previous AP collab, Perfume of Wonderland, it kind of slipped past my radar because I wasn't too into the colors used. However, when I saw the pink version in person at my local comm's fashion show, I fell in love with it. It looked so regal and cute! Unfortunately, the pink is hard to match, so I figured I'd go with the black colorway since it looks more mature than the others.

Lolita dresses are incredibly varied and have a myriad of interesting, gorgeous details. That makes it difficult to pick and choose which to purchase when money is limited. I narrowed down my choices by sticking to a color scheme (brown, ivory, black, pink) and staying between certain themes (desserts, Halloween, stuffed animals). How do you choose which pieces to hunt down? Do you have dream dresses, or do you guide yourself through a wishlist?

Keiko ouuut~

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  1. Charlotte's Bear is one of those prints that really grew on me. I kind of liked it when it was released, then I fell out with it when it transpired that none of the colours in real life matched the stock photos (making it even more of a nightmare to match anything), and then I kept seeing it worn to the point where I like it again. I probably still wouldn't get it though. :P

    I think for me it boils down to two things: colour and print. Not to say that I don't like non-printed main pieces, but I'm a lot pickier with them and won't get them unless the price is insanely good. But usually I tend to get attracted by the print first (though I don't think I follow any particular theme, I try to keep my wardrobe varied in that department) and then colour (blues and reds dominate, but if I could match something up with what I already have I might go a bit astray). Right now I'd say that I have only 2 specific dresses which I'm actively looking for, which are IW's Revival Sweet Teddybear JSK in blue and AP's Sweet Cream House 2012 Collar JSK (the round collar) in beige. The first one's a unicorn that exists only on a photo on Lolibrary and the second one eludes me - every time I see that exact one it's too expensive, and usually I see that print in other cuts and colours.