Saturday, November 19, 2016

New Lolita Room! (Picture Heavy!)

Hey everyone~!
Keiko here~

It's amazing to think that this is my *50th* blog post! Whoo~!! 
Because it's a special occasion, I decided to procrastinate wait until my lolita room was mostly finished so I could show you all what my tiny piece of Earth looks like. I share my extra room with my husband, since we are both collectionists. He collects retro games, and I collect lolita, plushies, makeup, etc. I tried to take most of the pictures of my side of the Nerd Nest(tm), but I'll sneak in a couple of his side as well so you have a better idea of the space.
Entrance View
Lolita Workstation <3
Inspiration Wall Closeup
Plushies & Rilakkuma Shrine (?)
Berets/Necklaces & Mirror Door to my Closet
My Closet Doors Are Convenient Mirrors
Closet Part I
Closet Part II
Husband's Collection

I hope you enjoyed this post! I'm happy to be able to share my little piece of the world with you guys! Do you have a lolita area ? What is it like? Let me know about it in the comments below.


  1. I really love how you've organised this space and made it your own, as a couple. Even though Lolita and video games could've clashed (e.g. his minimalist blacks and metallics and your cutesy pastels), you've made it very cohesive so that it's still one room rather than two different ones cramped into once space. It's giving me some inspiration too. I'm planning on moving in with my boyfriend, but whilst I'd love a separate room for my Lolita stuff, the more likely outcome is that we'll share a spare room for our hobbies just like you do, so it's great to see a Lolita room tour that doesn't belong to the I-live-with-my-parents or the I-get-to-have-a-whole-separate-room-just-for-my-frills types. Thank you for sharing this. :)

    1. No problem! ^^ I also feel like it's hard to find room tours that aren't 'pure' lolita. Unfortunately the reality is that when you have a partner you might not have all that space -though sometimes I wish I had it ;). However, it's been fun to try to harmonize our interests without it looking too disjointed.

      I really wanted to have a colorful, cheery space in the house where I could stop and roost over inspirational material without it being too decora-like. What I ended up doing was deciding on a color scheme for the room. We knew that we'd end up having to split the space so we chose the positioning first (who gets which wall), then I decided to use white and black as contrasting but complementing colors (a lot of my furniture is white or lighter, and his is gray and black). I think another thing that helped was the plushies. We both had a lot of them, and a good number of them are video game or anime related so they ended up being cute and tying together the themes of the room as shared belongings.

      Honestly, the room is a work in progress, since I'm still missing some bookshelves I'd like to install as display space, but I'll make sure to update with another post when it's 'finished' per se :)