Sunday, March 19, 2017

52 Weeks of Lolita - Combining other fashions with Lolita

Hey there evveryone,

Keiko here with another late post!

Today's topic is combining fashions.

I don't really combine other fashions with lolita, but I've seen some good combinations of morikei, decora, and fairykei with it. I also enjoy outfits that lie between otome and lolita, since the they tend to be colorful and quirky. However, I don't feel like I have a good enough sense of color and fashion to be able to pull it off, but I really love  to see them in other people.

Originally, I wanted to combine creepy cute with lolita, which I realize now is a bit overdone for my taste and hard to do correctly. I admire people that do it, but I don't think I could quite pull it off.

One of my oldest attempts at a coordinate, with decora-like elements

Again, trying to be "decora" by piling on as many accessories as I had. Unsuccessfully (lol)
What kind of styles do you like outside lolita? Are you a gyaru? A pastel goth? Do you ever try to incorporate your other interests in lolita? Let me know the path you have chosen in the comments below~

Keiko out~!

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  1. For me otome is the one I'd really love to build upon, both within and outside of Lolita fashion. That aesthetic really appeals to me and to be able to do that on a more daily basis is something I'd like to work towards (which is significantly hindered by my unwillingness to part with some of the things I have already which don't fit that style and by my lack of storage space to just add new things in there).
    I also really like the look of vintage fashion being mixed with Lolita, especially 1950's fashion. The cut of many 1950's dresses is already fairly close to Lolita (or more like many Lolita dresses have a very 950's-like cut) and the two blend together so well, when you have the right sort of accessories. Those two are my favourites to mix with Lolita - the only other one I like the look of is mori-kei, but in my head I can't get past the "this only looks good on tall, wispy-skinny girls", so I'm very wary of trying it out.