Saturday, March 25, 2017

52 Weeks of Lolita - 3 trends I wish would come back

Hey peeps!
It's Keiko here~

It is time for another (on time) installment of 52 weeks of lolita. The topic for this week is my top three lolita trends I wish would make a comeback. Without further ado, let's get to them!

1. OTT Sweet

Like many other people online, I miss the 2009-2012 golden age of sweet. It's funny that I would, since it is not a style that I would normally wear, but I really enjoy seeing those kind of fluffy, pastel carousel, cupcake ensembles. I feel like its replacement, OTT classic, just does not have the same whimsicality. This was cemented for me by the Omnia Varitas  OTT Classic and OTT Gothic outfits. They were extremely gorgeous, but I did not feel the same spark of excitement as I do when I see OTT sweet.

Image from MintyFrills' tumblr
2. Scepters

I remember one convention --I think it was Anime Matsuri before its true nature came out,-- in which a bunch of lolitas had very intricate scepters with glass detailing. I don't know if they were made with curtain rods, but they looked high quality. They were so beautiful and complemented their coordinates so well I fell in love with the idea of scepters since then. That was the year that everone and their mom made scepters, though, so people got tired of them real quick. I, for one, still think they can really bring 'oomph' to an outfit, but I tend to like the more extravagant ones with glass tears, crystal balls, and the like.

3. Casual Lolita

It's funny that I'd miss this trend when the first two trends I mentioned are explicitly over the top, but I feel like we need to come to an agreement over what casual lolita is and is not. I have seen so many people post their outfits of full coordinates with basic, but well-rounded accessories and say that they are wearing casual lolita. Of course, casual lolita is a full coordinate, but I think the line has been blurred between it and normal coordinates because we look at OTT as the standard.
Image from queranruffles' tumblr
How about you? What kind of trends do you wish came back to fashion? Do you follow them anyway, even if they're out of style?

Keiko out~!

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  1. I miss OTT sweet with all my heart. That was the popular style when I first found lolita and it's the one that makes something feel "more lolita" to me. At least there are still some die hard sweet fans out there