Saturday, July 23, 2016

Cool Lolitas from instagram

Hey everyone~

Keiko here and I have resuscitated once again!

I have come back from the land of the inactive to bring you a post about some of my favorite instagram lolitas. I follow a lot of people, but these few stand out to me for one reason or another.

10 Instagram Lolitas

  • Taharakeiko – I like her hairstyle variety. She’s a sweet lolita but posts a little bit of everything
  • Enen1217 – Taiwanese lolita. She dresses mostly in sweet, with some variety. She has a lot of outfit shots by herself and with friends, as well as some aesthetic shots. Her wardrobe is so cuuute!
  • Starmiyas – Lolita from Portland. I love her coordinates and use of color! She’s super pretty and has a good mix of coordinate shots, pictures with lolita friends, and aesthetic pictures.
  • _caaake_ - _caaake_ dresses in a variety of clothes that cross the thresholds of different fashions. She seems to be primarily a lolita, but wears otome frequently in her gorgeous outfit shots. I really admire the thematic playfulness in her outfits and her delicate, fluffy aesthetic.
  • junie_green – A lolita from San Francisco. My favorite part of her outfit pictures is her detail shots. They bring a depth to the coordinate that you can’t get from afar. She also has some cute art on her Instagram and lots of aesthetic pictures.
  • Hmao_owo – This lolita dresses in styles as varied as her amazing artworks. Her pictures are high quality and with beautiful backgrounds, so I enjoy looking at them as a snapshot of an idealized lolita reality outside of mundane day-to-day.
  • eleanorrrain – Chinese lolita who also wears nanchatte. She has a carefully curated wardrobe that skirts between sweet and classic and usually posts detail floordinate shots that inspire me to get coordinating!
  • baaohaan – Another lolita with an amazing wardrobe. Baaohaan has an amazing sense of style that treads the line separating classic and sweet. Her pictures are crisp and her use of color is very attention catching. I really enjoy looking at her outfit pictures and selfies. She looks like a real princess!
  • candy_seraffi - Wonderful coordinates, and neat sense of style and clear pictures are always a good combination. Another lolita whose wardrobe is super amazing and varied!
  • laurel0405 - laurel0405 has few posts, but she makes up for it with a sort of natural charm in her poses and pictures. I admire the way she pulls off her looks, even though it's not necessarily my personal style.

Do you use social media a lot for lolita? Have you met people through it, or just followed others' work? Let me know in the comments below and have a great rest of your day~

Keiko out!

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  1. Wow, thanks for the recommendations! I am not familiar with any of these lolitas and added most of them them to my Instagram subscription feed.