Monday, July 25, 2016

Way-Past-Mid-Year Lolita Goal Review

Hey everyone~
Keiko here!
Today's entry is long overdue. I was supposed to evaluate my lolita goals mid-year this year, but I got wrapped up with moving, getting married, etc., and June and July completely flew! But now that I finally got around it, find below my progress assessment on my 2016 goals:
  1. Create and keep a blog - I mean, I kept the blog, I guess. I updated pretty consistently when I had vacation time, but once things got busy again, I dropped it. I'm hoping to pick up the slack again and to start posting weekly or biweekly. We'll see how that goes orz
  2. Wear Lolita More often - FAILED! Between the wedding, the move, and the infernal heat of summer, lolita has unfortunately taken a back seat. Hopefully as the weather cools I'll be able to wear it more often. I have some new things I'm dying to wear!
  3. More Floordinates - When we moved, all the lolita was packed away for a good while. Even now, things are scattered in the future lolita room in boxes because we lack the furniture to organize things. However, after finally unpacking the main pieces, I realized I have a lot of TLC to do to restore them to all their glory (ironing, lint rolling, etc.). This might take a while, but I really want to use the natural light and our fold-out futon to take some cool outfit snaps.
  4. Lolify Room - Because I have moved in with my husband to an apartment, this goal is a little different. We compromised to share a room for both of our hobbies--lolita for me, vintage video game collecting for him. As a result, I get the closet and the back wall to decorate. While it isn't completely a 'lolita' room, I am still excited to get it in the works. Pictures will surely follow once I'm done setting it up.
  5. Go to a Lolita Event - I have faced that I will be unable to attend a big event this year. It just isn't feasible for me because of distance and cost. As a result, I've decided to lower the bar a little bit and aspire to attend a lolita meetup in my local comm. Unfortunately, I have had zero luck with this as well. It's convention season where I am at, so meetups have been scarce and the few that have occurred have transpired in days of dismal heat, so I have missed them. I'll attend one, yet! 
  6. Participate in ILD -I got married on summer ILD this year, and wore a lolita-inspired ensemble, so I guess that counts? I'm aiming to go all out for the winter one, though! Once I remember the date...orz
  7. Wardrobe Post - The wardrobe post has been completed as part of the 30-day lolita challenge. I also compiled a public facebook album of the stock pictures of all the main pieces I own, plus some accessories. I'd now like to update my wardrobe post and get better pictures of the items in order to have it prettier.
  8. Practice Makeup - While I've bought new make up and taught my sister the basics of makeup, I have done zilch on this myself. I just feel very uninspired.... I need to pay better attention to this goal!
  9. Spend Less money - I'd say this goal has been successful only due to circumstance. Money has just been diverted toward more important/immediate things, but I've still spent a fair bit of money on lolita this year. My next target is to make it until next year without buying new items. I've gone the extra length and blocked all the sales sites and temporarily excited all facebook sales communities so I don't feel tempted to buy. Hopefully I can be up to the task....
  10. Lose Weight - My weight has fluctuated a lot...I lost 10 pounds, then gained 15, then dropped back again to my starting weight... It's been kind of frustrating, but I need to keep at it and exercise more, I guess.
Overall, I think the results have been pretty mixed. There's a lot of progress happening now, but it hasn't quite materialized yet. Still, I am very excited for what is to come and to keep updating this blog as often as I can :)

Love you all and hoping you are having a great day,


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  1. I like the goals you have set yourself, they're really great in terms of making for more enjoyment out of the fashion and of getting a well rounded experience of it as well. I know that this is all my teaching training coming out of me, but if you made some of them more specific, I think you'd find that you did better than you might've thought. For example, recently maybe you had to wear Lolita less, but if you said to yourself that you'll wear it at least once a month and then did really well between January and March, then now it probably would've averaged out at wearing it about once a month anyway - and that's quite often, not everyone gets to do that. I admire your resolve to not spend any more money until the end of the year, I don't think that I could just block all the Facebook sales groups, not even temporarily. I'd be constantly haunted by the "what if someone's selling your dream dress right now?!" panicky thoughts. :P
    Good luck for the second half of the year. You can do it! :D