Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wunderwelt Review (Positive)

Hey everyone~

Keiko here with my first purchase review!
Because I've been doing a lot of real-life things like moving and such, money for lolita unfortunately hasn't been plentiful. BUT, I did manage to buy a few cool last items for this year before I go on full on buying hiatus until next year. I'll tell you peeps all about those later once they all get in an upcoming haul post. For this particular entry, however, I will keep the items I bought a secret until the very end~

As for the review, this was my first time ordering from Wunderwelt, so I will give my first impressions and a general timeline of events, and then focus on the review of the shop and give my overall impressions at the end.

First Impressions

Wunderwelt is a second-hand lolita fashion seller much like Closet Child. It is fairly recent in comparison, but it has upped its game by advertising to the international community directly --you can see their interesting introductory videos here and here. Wunderwelt is known for selling old school pieces and not really being super in touch with current market value for their products, but it looks like a good place to get gently used older pieces for a generally a good price. 

Like CC, Wunderwelt's page is primarily in Japanese but can be translated to English using browser translators or their own in-website option. The online store has a cart system but, because it sells on different sites (Lacemarket, Yahoo Japan, etc.), you might 'purchase' an item that is actually out of stock. Just go through and buy your items like normal and once you checkout, you can expect a confirmation email letting you know whether the order went through or the item was out of stock.

The process seems simple enough, and a good portion of the website is in English, so buying and browsing are easy.


  • 7/23/2016 at about 5:30AM U.S. Central Time - Placed the order and paid through Paypal
  • 7/23/2016 at 5:37AM U.S. Central Time - Received confirmation email
  • 7/24/2016 at 1:05AM U.S. Central Time - Emailed back confirming order review and asking if I had secured what I bought.  It wasn't very clear that I had to respond rather than wait for them to tell me
  • 7/24/2016 4:07AM U.S. Central Time - Wunderwelt emailed back confirming that my purchase went through. Staff does not work on Sundays, so they assured me my shipping charge email would come on Monday.
  • 7/26/2016 3:21 AM U.S. Central Time - Receive tracking number update email from Paypal. The parcel was sent through EMS.
  • 7/28/2016 ~12:00PM U.S Central Time - Parcel arrived!

Review Criteria

  • Ease of order: How easy the website is to navigate, for you to place an order, and to pay for the items.
  • Communication:  How clear the emails were,  how fast I got confirmation/replies, how any issues were addressed through email, etc.
  • Shipping: Shipping costs and speed, how safely things were packaged
  • Description Accuracy: Does the ranking system/description of the item match its actual condition? Any extra damages would be listed here


Each score will be out of five, with each pancake being a point.
  • Ease of order: 
  • Communication:  .
  • Shipping: 
  • Description Accuracy: 


I'd give the order a 4.5/5 in total.

Navigating the site was not that difficult. It's pretty straightforward, actually. The only gripe I really actually had was not knowing that I had to reply to the 'review your order' email. I just did it because I read that it worked for another person. Other than that and being unsure and very anxious of whether or not I secured my purchase (foolishly, since I got a confirmation e-mail), the transaction was pretty smooth.

Shipping was actually free! My order was over 50000 yen, so I got free EMS shipping for my purchase. The parcel was well packaged in a box and the contents were wrapped in bubblewrap and then a plastic bag for protection. I'm still surprised I didn't get hit with any custom fees!

The items were as described. They were both in great condition with no damage, so I'd say the description was pretty accurate. I almost feel like my grade B item could have been a grade A! It only really had the back lacing's loops a bit stretched out.
The package just got here!
Invoice and bubble wrap first things visible
Bubble wrap and a plastic bag underneath for protection
One of the items, a rank S (new) strawberry clip!
Have you ever bought something from overseas? What was your experience like? Let me know what you got and how it went below~

Keiko out~

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