Thursday, September 15, 2016

Birthday Package Goodies (Pictures aplenty!)

Hello everyone~
It's Keiko here and I have (finally) returned!

I've been having a bit of a rough time the past month and found it hard to get inspired to write, so I was away for a good while...
But now I'm back! And I'm here to show you peeps what came in the mail for my birthday in August! I placed an order with Japonica Market Shopping Service for some goodies I found in Mercari Japan. They were pretty cheap-- the order in total (shipping, ss fees, items, etc) was $150 USD!

Here's what I got:
  • AP's Moko Moko Socks in Black
I got these used for 500 yen. They have sparkly golden dots, but the lighting doesn't really bring them out orz...
  • AP's A la Carte Tea Time Headbow in Black
I got this baby for 888 Yen. This might not seem like a big find, but I've been searching high and low for it for nearly two years! A la Carte Tea Time was part of a lucky pack a while ago, so it's often sold in sets that sellers are unwilling to break. I had managed to snag the JSK, socks, and barrette all in black separately over time, but I really wanted the headbow! I'm pretty obsessive about having matching headwear for certain pieces for some reason...
  • AP's Musee du Chocolat Brooch in Ivory x Brown
I snagged this item for 1555 Yen. I used to own this item a long time ago, but then sold it and regretted it. I look forward to incorporating it in my coordinates, since a good portion of my wardrobe has ivory, brown, gold, or all three!
  • Heart E Pink Beret
I love berets. They are some of my favorite headwear and I currently own some in brown, ivory, red, and black --naturally, I needed a pink one! I spotted this one in Yahoo Japan for 800 yen and I just had to get it.
  • Baby, The Stars Shine Bright 2-way Heart Purse in BlackxBlack
This last item is probably what I consider to be my biggest steal! It was only 4000 yen (around $40 USD) when I've seen it selling between $100-140USD! It is used, obviously, but it is in great condition! I am really looking forward to incorporating it in coordinates, since it is so neutral and versatile.
Have you made any purchases lately? If so, what kind of bargains have you found? Let me know all about it below :D!

Keiko out~

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  1. That's a nice birthday haul, I really like the Musee du Chocolat brooch, I haven't seen it before. Might need to hunt it down :P The last things I got in the post (which aren't necessarily the last items I bought) were some socks from AP sales and my Taobao preorder of a full set. I'm starting to feel like I'll never have enough socks to do all the coords that I'd love to do T_T and same with head bows, to be fair, so I feel your pain and joy when you found this one.