Friday, September 23, 2016

Lolita Challenges

Hey everyone~

As summer comes to an end and the temperatures cool in my hemisphere, I have come to realize that it's been over three months since I've worn lolita at all. Though I have wanted to, I have not put together a coordinate and gone out since the day of my wedding--and frankly, I miss it loads! So much time on hiatus got me thinking about the different reasons why people take a break from lolita fashion, and I came up with a list of seven challenges that get in the way of dressing up as much as we'd like.

The following obstacles I thought of are not listed in any particular order:

1) Weather
It's been super hot lately up where I live. The mugginess and high temperatures make wearing lolita out and about not only uncomfortable but dangerous. If you're not careful enough, you can dehydrate or get heatstroke! Some people brave even hotter temperatures somehow, and I have no idea how they do it. They have my utmost respect! I am too concerned about sweating all over my things or feeling like I'm going to pass out to try it.

2) Time
Getting ready in lolita can be pretty time consuming. For a more toned down coordinate, it still takes me about half hour to forty five minutes to get dressed, put makeup on, do my hair, etc. Sometimes you just don't have that kind of time, specially when you work far away or have to get up early. Or sometimes it's the time to take off lolita that is scarce. It happens to me often that I might have a good hour to spare before an event but it might be scheduled too close together with something else for which lolita is not appropriate or would not be comfortable. Bad timing, I guess.

3) Motivation
Even when the temperatures are balmy and there is leisure time to spare, it is all for naught if you lack the motivation to dress up. You might be feeling lazy, having a bad day, or want to feel comfortable for the day-- heck, you might even be fighting your own demons and be exhausted from that. Either way, sometimes we just don't feel up to taking part in the ritual that is putting on and donning lolita through the day or even just an event.

4) Income
Maybe you are in a wardrobe rut and need just the right accessory to get your creative juices flowing. A pair of shoes? A cardigan? Maybe something basic like a petticoat or a blouse. If you don't have the money to purchase items for your coordinates, it can be a bit challenging to bring yourself to wear old things, rework older outfits, or build your second coordinate if you are a beginner. Lolita fashion is expensive, so money can always be a limiting factor for participation.

5) Having an occasion
I used to wear lolita to class and to my internship sometimes, but I find that, since graduating, I haven't been going out much. I've spent most of my days inside the house cleaning and getting things unpacked after my recent move, so I haven't really had occasion to don my frilly clothes. Sometimes, in particularly busy months, we might forget to make time for our hobby and, before we know it, it's been forever since we have worn anything!

6) Dedication to the aesthetic despite rules
Let's be real: Lolita can be pretty demanding in comparison to other fashions. There has to be a certain balance and attention to detail that make it both fun and challenging. But sometimes you just aren't feeling it. Sometimes it's just easier to toss on a comfortable fairy-kei outfit that's still colorful but doesn't necessarily require as much involvement. Maybe you love the cozy feeling of mori-kei on particular autumn afternoons and would rather layer yourself up in neutral, natural colors than be a puffy cupcake. Some days the rigidity of lolita can be repelling, even if we love it and come back to it in the end.

7) That time of the month
This one is a reason to not want to wear anything fancy for me. A lot of people struggle with irregular or excessive periods, and it affects the time they feel comfortable wearing any sort of special clothing, be it because they fear it might get ruined, or because they don't feel physically well enough to wear many layers or constrictive clothes. For all my peeps out there dealing with periods, best of luck and may you not stain anything you love~
Are any of these challenges common in your lolita life? Are there any I didn't mention that you contend with often? How do you get around them to practice this hobby you love? Let me know below and we can compare notes~

Keiko out~

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