Sunday, April 23, 2017

52 Weeks of Lolita - My first meetup

Hey there everyone!
Sorry for the late post again. Work makes it hard for me to find motivation to write orz.

Anyway, this is Keiko here with another installment of the 52 Weeks of Lolita challenge. This time around I will talk about my first-ever meetup!

My first meetup was actually a swap meet. I was in Washington D.C. doing a 'semester abroad' at the time, and I had just gotten in contact with the local lolita community. I was at a loss of what to wear. I'd never seen other lolitas around before, and I felt a bit intimidated. Would they judge my outfit? Would they be too busy catching up to include me in the group? I remember being super nervous!

In the end, I decided to bring a 'wow' piece with me to the meetup. I settled for Honey Cake, bringing also with me the rare pancake mix bag for extra points. I unfortunately didn't take many pictures, even though it is one of my favorite coordinates so far. Here's one of the few I did manage to take:

Excuse the mess. I was sharing a tiny dorm room with two other girls.
I took the metro (subway) for about an hour to get to the station closest to the host's home, all the while nervous of going so far away in an unknown city by myself. Fortunately, it all worked out and I was able to get there unscathed. 

The meetup itself went very successfully. All the lolitas were quite talkative and friendly, including me into their group almost immediately. We had sweets, talked about the fashion, and admired each other's coordinates before setting up shop for the swapping part of the meet. We then went outside to set up our wares on blankets in the yard under the pleasant D.C. weather, and the trading and buying began.

I remember selling quite a few things because I needed the money, but not really buying anything myself. It's been almost a year since that happened, so my memory is a bit hazy. But that's all the important details, anyway :)
Have you ever been to a meetup? What was your first meetup like? Were you nervous? Feel free to share your story below!

Keiko out~!

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  1. My first meet was just over a year ago and I remember having similar worries: what to wear, will I look adequate, will they like me, will I be included etc. It was quite a large meet as well, there must've been nearly 20 people there, so I was pretty nervous, but luckily all of that disappeared fairly quickly. Your choice to go with some wow factor was definitely smart, especially since a print like Honey Cake lends itself quite easy as a conversation starter (there's bound to be someone in the comm who either has it too or really wants it).