Saturday, February 18, 2017

52 Weeks of Lolita - Why I wear Lolita

Hey everyone!

It's Keiko here with another 52 weeks of lolita prompt~

This week's topic is to talk about why I wear lolita. The short answer? I want to be cute!
But there are other reasons why I'm attracted to this luxury kawaii fashion as opposed to dolly-kei, fairy-kei, mori-kei or any other style. Here are some of the other reasons why I wear lolita:

1. The aesthetic and the creativity in it: The lolita silhouette can range from cupcake-cute to extremely elegant or even mysterious depending on the style and coordinate. It has variability, even in its uniformity because people's creativity allow it to transform.

2. I can be hyper-feminine without being oversexualized: Being a hourglass shape in an sexist culture is quite annoying. Men whistled at me, and sometimes people nosily would bug me to 'dress my shape' so I'd 'look better' by exposing that body shape that made me uncomfortable. With lolita, I can dress femininely and not be whistled or jeered at as much. It's a great relief, even if lolitas still get other kinds of unwanted attention. At least it's about my clothes and not about my body.

3. Comfort and confidence: Since the clothes reflect my tastes and make me feel safer, I feel more comfortable and confident wearing them outside than other kinds of feminine clothes. While lolita is not necessarily comfortable to wear, I feel covered and cute--more than what I can say about fast fashion.

4. Prints are really interesting and fun to work with: Prior to wearing lolita I already liked the challenge and creativity that come with themed outfits, so the fashion fed into that tendency of mine.

5. Originally a form of protest: I really respect the Japanese young women that spearheaded resistance to stereotypes and expectations of femininity in their country. I think, in a sense, it is possible to also use lolita as a protest to the unfair expectations of what women 'should' look like in the West--even if our own pressures are less strict than in Asia.
Why do you wear lolita? Do you just like the style or does it have more significance to you than simple clothing? Feel free to share in the comments ^^

Keiko out~!

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