Friday, December 9, 2016

5 items I don't use often

Hey there peeps~
As winter approaches and I start avoiding certain items in my closet ill-suited for the cold, I've been thinking about items I avoid in general. This resulted in putting together a mini-list of accessories I generally don't use when wearing lolita --or pretty much anything else, for that matter. The list is as follows:


Melty Ribbon Chocolate Earrings
I generally don't wear earrings very often. I either put them on once and wear them forever, or take them off once and never wear them. I can get away with this in lolita since wigs usually cover my ears, but I usually prefer to go without because I don't deem them that important anyway.


Chocolate PieceWool Gloves
You'd think that, for someone that lives in one of the coldest part of the country, I'd own a lot of winter wear for lolita. Nope! I own next to no outerwear and, within that low-priority group, gloves are near the bottom. To be fair, I dislike the sensation of gloves in general, even if the temperature is in the negatives, because I don't like not having feeling in my hands. I really appreciate being able to solidly grip items in my hands, and I feel like I can't do that with gloves on. Still, lolita ones are so cute I might just cave~


Butterfly Crown Scepter
I like how they look but they're hard to incorporate to my outfits since they tend to be more extravagant than what my simpler style merits. As much as I love them, I must also admit that they're impractical to have to carry around as well.

Short Socks

Royal Chocolate Crew Length Socks
Because the weather is so cold most of the year, I usually stick around with tights or OTKs. Crew length socks are cute, but they are pretty much a summer-only accessory, and summer where I live it's pretty chilly and short, so they are relegated to the bottom of my sock priority list.

Plush bags
Porter Chocolat Bag
As cute as I think they are, plush bag have zero space. This makes them highly impractical to carry around, so they are usually a no-go for me. This is the reason why I stay away from Usakumya and Kumakumya so much. The only real exception to this is my Porter Chocolat bag that I have yet to use in a coord for the above reason. It's just so dang cute!
Are there stuff you stay away from in lolita? Do you have any accessories you love but don't really wear? Feel free to share your experience below!

That's all I got for today, but stay tuned~
Keiko out!


  1. Thinking of the items that I own, I must agree with earrings (I usually just forget about them or don't have ones that'd match AND be seen in the coord) and gloves (although in my case I'm talking about the elegant summery gloves, I could do with a versatile practical pair for Lolita - for now I have a hand muff though). I also have one maxipad headdress which I haven't worn yet, but that's more because I don't know how to incorporate it well. It was part of a set with my dream dress, so since I already own it, I could at least try before deciding to get rid of it.

    With items that I don't own I agree with you on scepters and plush bags, purely because they're impractical. I think that scepters can look great, if the outfit was thought through to incorporate one, but plush bags also make me a litte uncomfortable. Nothing wrong with wearing them, but only other people could pull it off, it's not for me.

  2. While i don't have 5 items i do have a bunch of rings and a jsk and blouse i don't use mostly because the rings don't go with anything and the JSK and blouse i usally wear when im at a con because i live in a unsafe area to wear it daily or at least montly

  3. I never use gloves. I would like to use them, but in my country It's always hot, so If I wear them maybe I look a little ridiculous. Buuut I always wear earrings :)