Saturday, December 10, 2016

Shopping Service Review: Taobaonow

Keiko here~

About three weeks ago, some friends and I decided we wanted to get some basics from Taoabao. Naturally, this led to a a $300USD order lol. This week, after torturous waiting, I received the parcel containing my first-ever taobao group order! Being the impatient being I am, I opened it already and got my stuff. I also decided I wanted to do a review for the shopping service (SS) that helped us obtain our large package.

The shopping service we went through was TaobaoNow, whose site you can visit here. They also opened a new site called SpreeNow, which you can access here. I've only used the old site, so that's the one I'm going to review.

Ordering from them is fairly easy. You create a log in, look for items on Taobao that you want to buy, and fill out their order form with the links of the items. They have the instructions on the site and it was pretty intuitive in my view.

This is what the shopping cart looks like
The staff is very communicative and speaks English well. They send you messages to confirm your order, to make sure you didn't miss picking a color or size, and they act as an intermediary if you have any questions for the seller. For every message they send you, you also get an email to the email account you registered with them to alert you of the unread message.

You pay for your order through paypal, so it's quick and easy to complete the transactions. If you run into any problems, or if you have questions about anything, you can message and get an answer pretty quickly (within a day, in my experience). It's been very useful in reassuring when I buy from Taobao, and I now buy with confidence through them.

The shipping process is also relatively straightforward. The items are first shipped within China to the SS warehouse, where they are checked twice. Once the checks have been completed you are contacted about paying for shipping to your country and any outstanding balances. Once you pay, the parcel is sent over with tracking through EMS. It is costly but worth the peace of mind --especially if you split it several-ways with your friends in a group order!

The orders have always been safely packaged in a box with plastic wrapping. Each vendor usually has their wrapping, but with the group order, the SS wrapped everything in one large bag to make sure it stayed together well.

Overall, I'd score TaobaoNow as follows

Customer Service 

I've only used them thrice, but I've only had good experiences with them. I'd definitely recommend them!
Do you shop from Taobao? Is there a Taobao shopping you like to use? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below~ <3

Keiko Out!

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