Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy Blog Birthday & 2017 New Year's Goals

Hey everybody!
Today the blog turns a year old! Whooo! To celebrate, we have a layout change with new lovely art!
Yesterday I reviewed the final progress for this year's goals and, though 2016 sucked overall, I did well in terms of lolita. For this post, I put together 2017's resolution with ten separate goals to pursue. They are as follows:

1. Hold a meetup: Now that I've participated in a few meets, I think I'd like to put together my first one. I was thinking of doing a swap meet or casual tea somewhere, as it sounds like a good starting point in terms of event planning.

2. Go to a lolita event (tea party, fashion show, etc.): This is a rolling goal from last year. I'd love to participate in an fashion show, attend a tea party or a convention this year.

3. Keep a time for weekly blog posts: I haven't been very consistent in posting this year, and I'd really like to fix that. I think I'd like to post every Saturday at 3PM U.S. Central Time and do other non-scheduled posts either Fridays or Sundays at the same time.

4. Complete the 52 week lolita challenge: I'd like to take on F Yeah Lolita!'s 52 Week Challenge to make sure I post once a week. I think I'll just pick a random topic from their list and complete it out of order depending on what I feel like.

5. More coordinate pictures!: This one goes without saying! I'd love to use my mannequin more by at least posting monthly about what's on it.
Floordinates and Mannequin shots will come this year!
6. Have money set aside for lolita purchases: This goal came to mind thanks to Cupcake Kamisama's goals for this year. I'd really like to set aside some money to be prepared for expenses, just in case something big comes up that I really want!

7. Save for Outerwear sale and Black Friday sales: This goal goes hand in hand with the last one. I'm hurting badly for outerwear and Closet Child's and Lacemarket's Black Friday sales could help with that--as long as I finally am financially prepared for them!

8. Experiment with my nails more: I've been doing work on my hair and makeup this year and, while I'd like to continue experimenting on those two fronts, I feel like I've neglected to do my nails in a way that matches my coordinate well. That's gonna be my next area of exploration this year!

9. Update my wardrobe post: I'd like to complete my wardrobe post update by the end of January. I still haven't decided whether I want to do a video or just post pictures, but whatever I pick, expect a post :)!

10. Be more active in social media (Amino, Tumblr, Instagram): I recently joined Amino and, since I'm aiming to get more pictures this coming year, I think I'd like to update my social media accounts a bit more too. It'll be good to document progress with some purpose.
Do you have any goals for this coming year, or will you take things as they come? Feel free to share your plans below as always~ <3!

This is Keiko and here's to a whole new year of blogging!

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  1. Oh wow, I'm so glad to see that I've inspired you a little with a goal. It's a good financial habit to have an emergency fund anyway, so it only felt natural to me to extend that to Lolita. And I agree with experimenting more with nails - I'd love to do more of that in general, but what puts me off is how long it takes for nails to dry properly (and if they're not fully dry and you're me, then you end up ruining it prematurely). If I can find a way to have matching nails more often that'd be really nice.

    Happy New Year! :)