Friday, December 30, 2016

End of the Year Goal Review: 2016 in Retrospect

Hello everyone!
Keiko here~

It's finally that time of the year when we look back at what we have accomplished in the last 365 or so days. For this blog, it means that I'll be going back to do a final evaluation of how I did regarding my 2016 goals for lolita fashion. Do you remember what they are?

 2016 Lolita Goals

  1. Create and keep a blog - I not only kept the blog, but I updated more than 52 times! That's about once a week or so, so technically this was successful.
  2. Wear Lolita More often - I've stepped my game up with this goal, since I started going to meetups and wearing lolita to run errands. What I need to get better at is remembering to take pictures!
  3. More Floordinates - I think this could have been much better this year. I just haven't really remembered to take pictures. Now that I have a mannequin, though, that's no excuse. I think for this coming year I'll establish a once a month or bimonthly post about 'What's on My Mannequin?' so I can force myself to remember to take pictures and practice coordinating.
  4. Lolify Room - Success! The room I share with my husband has been solidly lolified. You can see my room tour post here. Maybe I should update it, since I've made some changes.
  5. Go to a Lolita Event/ Meetup - I have attended three meetups this year with my local comm. It's been really fun and I'm super looking forward to joining them for more events. 
    Seeing beautiful lamps costumes with my comm was fun!
  6. Participate in ILD -Finally participated in both Summer and Winter ILD! For next winter, I'd like to have more outerwear at the ready.
  7. Wardrobe Post - The wardrobe post was one of the first goals completed. I would like to make an updated one with better lighting for this coming January :)
  8. Practice Makeup - I've been practicing make up more often this year than ever before. It's fun to just try out looks to match upcoming coordinates and experiment a little as well.
  9. Spend Less money - I did really well on this goal for a while, but then it came back with a vengeance when I started to get a coordinate ready for one of the meets. On the plus side, though I failed this goal, my wardrobe is definitely much more well-rounded now.
  10. Lose Weight - I am stuck at the same weight. I have oscillated between going up some pounds and losing some, but the holiday season definitely set back my progress. I think next year I want to focus on my health, and this will be a big part of that.
Did you have any goals last year? How did you do in meeting them? Share your 2016 lolita experience down below <3 ~

Keiko out~!

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