Monday, January 11, 2016

30 Day Lolita Challenge - Day Eleven?: A picture of your favorite sweets

Hello everyone~

Keiko here~

I hope you are all well today ^^ As mentioned in the previous post, I will skip the prompts 10 11 and 11 because I am away from home and cannot quite do them yet. Instead, for every day that I am using a prompt out of order, I will be placing a question mark next to the day in the title.

Today is day 11, for instance, but I will be completing prompt 13 instead. That means that we'll be talking about my favorite sweets. Let's get crack-a-lackin'!
I am quite picky about food, and sweets are no different. Pretty much all the sweets I like have some variation of chocolate within them because it's my favorite flavor. I prefer chocolates in this order: Milk chocolate > dark chocolate > white chocolate. I am not a fan of chocolate mixed with many other things, as I prefer the chocolate by itself. As a result, I am not a fan of caramelized chocolate or salty chocolate.
Mmmm, chocolate <3
Now for the actual sweets that I like other than straight chocolate. They are in no particular order because I love all of them <3:

1. Kitkats
They're crunchy and awesome. I could eat them all day <3
2. Crunch
Crispy rice goodness
3. Cinnamon Rolls
Specially Cinnabon ones
4. Donuts
I'm always a slut for donuts ʕ♡˙ᴥ˙♡ʔ
5. Pancakes
Technically not a sweet, but the blog title gives it away
What about you? What are the sweets that make your mouth water? Or are you more of a savory foods person? Let me know in the comment below!

Keiko out~

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