Wednesday, January 20, 2016

30 Day Lolita Challenge - Day Twenty: A picture of a lolita friend.

Welcome to day twenty of the thirty day lolita challenge!

Today, the order of the day is to present you with a picture of one of my lolita friends. So let's get started!
The power of friendship and stuff!
The city I live in is relatively small, with about 80000 people or so. The largest city close by, which holds the closest comm, is about 3 hours away from me. As a result, I was a lone lolita for a while. Over that time, I talked a lot to my friends about lolita fashion and how I was getting into it. And it just so happened that, for my friend SJ's bridal shower/bachelorette party, we had to take a drive down to the city-- providing the perfect platform of time to talk about the fashion.

Her curiosity was piqued by the descriptions of the dresses and, once we arrived, I showed her some funny videos from Deerstalker Pictures and Lovely Lor's channels. It hyped us both up and we agreed to hang out and talk about it more later.

A few months later she got her first OP and now she's into classic lolita, with a focus on more casual, wearable pieces, old school, and vintage aesthetic. She likes prints with books and appreciates lace detailing.
One of her vintage-feel coordinates for work
Having a lolita friend in town is nice because you get to share the joy of the fashion in person. We go out to have tea or get together to watch movies or just talk about the community and life in general. It's quite fun!

Do you have lolita friends? What are your favorite things to do together? Or do you enjoy being a lone lolita? Let me know in the comments below :)

Keiko out~

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