Wednesday, January 13, 2016

30 Day Lolita Challenge - Day Thirteen?: A picture of your last lolita purchase

Hello everyone~

Day 13 is here! We're so close to two weeks I can smell it! Today we'll be using prompt 15 to talk about the latest lolita hunt, so without further ado, let's get to it!

A Picture of Your Last Lolita Purchase

My latest delivered lolita purchased was actually the milk tea Porter Bear bag from Angelic Pretty's Musee du Chocolat collection. This is what he looks like in stock pictures:

Unfortunately, I haven't been back to pick him up from the campus post office, so he'll be hanging out for a little bit longer until I come home. I look forward to seeing him, as I love teddybears and I think he'll get along with all my plushies.

And also....

I won an auction for one of the pieces I wanted the most out of my wishlist!

Horror Garden in ivory will be coming home to mama sometime in the next week or so, hopefully. I'll try to post pictures when I get it! I'm very excited, as this is probably the last dress that I'll be able to purchase for a long time --I have a lot of big life transitions in the works, so Lolita will have to take the back burner for a while. It figures Tea Time Nostalgia in Pink would show up right after I bought this dress, too (lol).

Have you recently purchased anything cool? Feel free to show it off in the comments section below! I love sharing the joy of welcoming a new piece into the wardrobe :)

Keiko out~

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