Friday, January 15, 2016

30 Day Lolita Challenge - Day Fifteen?: What’s in your bag?

Hey peeps!

Keiko here~

We're halfway through the 30-day lolita challenge! Yeaaaah! Today's prompt is to show you what's in my bag usually. Well, it's pretty much full of random crap all the time, but since I recently cleaned out my bag, I figured there's no better time than the present to take that picture.

Without further ado, "what's in my bag":
From top to bottom, left to right:
1. Band-aids: I'm very clumsy and I get hurt a lot, so I always carry some around.
2. Handkerchief: I try to keep one on hand just in case I spill something
3. Foldable hairbrush: This one is a new addition, but since my hair has been getting quite long, I've taken to carrying one with me
4. Wallet: It has my tiny butterflies money and my ID and all that jazz
5. Antibacterial towelette: You never know when you're gonna have to touch something gross
6. Antibacterial gel: Too many places run out of soap when you are traveling
7. Concealer: If I have to look kind-of-presentable real quick
8. Chapstick: In this forsakenly dry weather, it's this or chapped lips
9. Hand lotion: See above, but for dry hands
10. 2016 Agenda: I found this one in New York's Kinokuniya when I visited. It was adorable so I had to buy it.
11. Earbuds: No music, no life. These ones were bought at Las Vegas airport and they have Jack Skellington at the back of the earbuds.
12. Ponytail: I often lose mine, so I carry a spare
13. Listerine sheet: It was given to me for free so I kind of just carry it and wait for when I need it
14. Shout! Wipe and go: I spill things onto my clothes often, so I carry one of these for cleaning any accidents
15. Mints box: I got this at a tour for a law school. Like the listerine sheet, I basically just carry it around just in case someone needs one.
16. Phone Battery: I recently got a new phone and it loses battery faster than I'm used to, so I started taking this one with me.
19. Tissues: For spills, sneezes, or throwing stuff out. I'm running out and should probably replace this one soon.
20. Random stuff that accumulates over time (not pictured): Usually I take anti-allergics, acetaminophen/ibuprofen, pens, and other random knick knacks I come across. Since I just cleaned my purse, these have been removed for the time being.

I usually carry my phone in my pockets or my bookbag, since I don't typically go out much and don't really use my purse that often. It wasn't pictured because I took the pictures with it!

Is your purse fairly neat? Or is it super heavy? Do you have a black hole purse, or a tiny pocket-like one? Let me know in the comments below~!

Keiko out~


  1. Your purse has lots of helpful things in it! :]

    I don't really like to carry a purse because they are so small for what I like to carry on a daily basis... Over the years, I have strained and broken several purses I've loved by trying to force them to hold my wallet, notebooks and planner, my 3DS, my phone, chargers, etc.

    If I'm going out and I'm wearing lolita, I carry the bare minimum in my purse because a) there's not that much room and b) I don't want to stretch out or damage my pretty purses.

    Shout out to my normie backpack! I can fit ALL OF THE THINGS inside of it, and it has many different pockets and compartments so that things still stay organized. Headphones, paperwork, my lunch, a spare change of clothes, and a lifetime supply of hygiene products. (When I was travelling abroad this last summer I had everything in there plus a full roll of papel higiénico, shampoo bottles, and aloe vera, lol)

    My Lolita purses are pretty but not particularly functional, and my normie backpack is extremely efficient but doesn't match my preferred clothing style. I am still on the lookout for the perfect combination. Alas, according to the Law of Equivalent Exchange, I might never find the best of both worlds.

  2. A lot of the time, when I'm stuck with tiny lolita purses, I definitely downsize what I carry. The most essential things I carry are my phone, my wallet, and my earphones. It really helps that most of the dresses I own have pockets! (Thank you AP!). I know that there are some lolita purses that are actually really spacious! I know the MILK bags, some Baby bags, and even some AP bags have enough space for all of the things I listed above and even more!

    Another trick is getting matching off-brand bags that are spacious. I feel like gothic and classic lolita might have an easier time finding those, as the colors are more findable than the pastel tones in sweet lolita. I own several normie bagas and they are suuuuuper helpful!