Monday, January 4, 2016

30 Day Lolita Challenge - Day Four: 10 different kinds of food you like

Keiko here~

Day four of the lolita challenge is here, as is the first Monday of the new year. For this round, we will be talking about my top ten foods kinds of food. I'm getting hungry already!

10 Different Kinds of Food You Like

  1. Pancakes – Probably my favorite food. I love pancakes! They are fluffy and sweet, or dense and flavorful. I like them with butter, syrup, turkey slices, honey, cheese, chocolate and other things of that nature. I could eat them for every meal!
  2. Chocolate – I looooove chocolate. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, crispy chocolate, chocolate milk, cereal—you name it! I like red velvet and white chocolate a little less, but will eat them nonetheless. I hope to collect many chocolate-themed things!
  3. Spongy Cakes – It’s hard to beat a nice spongy cake with a cup of tea. It’s such a nice treat on chilly evenings.
  4. Sushi – I am a sushi fanatic. I love fish and sushi provides me with a way to enjoy it differently than usual. My favorite roll at the moment includes shrimp tempura <3
  5. Fish – I was raised in a coastal town, but I would rarely get to eat fish because my father hates even the smell of it. When he was gone on trips, my mother would make some fresh fried fish with lemon, and I would eat that puppy up real fast! My grandma also spoiled me by making fried fish sticks with mayo even though she hated fish herself. Fish is one of the reasons I enjoyed going to the beach despite being such an indoors-person.
  6. Chicken – Chicken’s versatility and price make it a good meat to have at hand. As a college student, most of the protein I consume probably comes from chicken and eggs, since both beef and fish tend to be pricier. I enjoy teriyaki chicken and chicken in soy sauce particularly.
  7. Ice Cream – This one is a given for me. If I have the opportunity to have ice cream, I will probably take it even if I am slightly lactose intolerant. I just love it so much! My favorite flavors are chocolate and vanilla. Occasionally, I will venture out of my comfort zone and have some brownie fudge or cookie-dough flavored ice cream, but I tend to default to chocolate primarily.
  8. Pasta – I like pasta because it is easy to make and I have shared it with many friends that are important to me. I like it with alfredo sauce, tomato sauce, with just cheese, or with tuna and mayo. I tend to prefer penne or spaghetti over other types of pasta.
  9. Tea – When I worked overnight shifts while studying in college, I drank black tea almost on the daily because I cannot drink coffee without getting migraines. As a result, I ended up shying away from it for a while, but I still love me a good cup of chamomile, green tea, or English breakfast once in a while. Milk and honey are optional as long as it is taken with a sweet treat.
  10. Plantain Cake – This one is a dish from home. It involves layering fried plantain slices with an egg-mix, cheese, and ham, and baking it in the oven. Some versions have the plantain be baked to be healthier, but I can’t resist the fried plantain-cheese combination. My mom makes an awesome plantain cake and I miss it very much. For more information and a simplified recipe for this dish, check it out here:
So many yummy things! My tummy is getting the rumblies... Are there any snacks that you can't resist? Feel free to share some with me in the comments below!

Keiko out~!

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