Thursday, January 7, 2016

30 Day Lolita Challenge - Day Seven: 10 people who inspire your lolita style (Picture Heavy!)

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Keiko here~
Today celebrates the first completed week of the 30 Day Lolita Challenge! Whoo! Thank you for sticking around this long! For this installment of the challenge, I will be posting about ten people who I look up to for inspiration. Not all of them give me coordinate inspiration, but they are all amazing in their own right and I look up to them a lot. Enjoy~!

10 people who inspire my lolita style

  1. Milkyfawn – She inspired me to get into lolita. Her coordinates were fire and I must admit that I think my style is influenced by hers as a result. It was kind of sad to see her go, but you can see her old blog.
  2. StarryLightBox – Her tongue in-cheek humor and super cute, varied coordinates are inspiring. Her tumblr is reachable here.                                            
  3. Hello Batty – I love her mix of creepy and cute and her use of makeup. Her coordinates are the freshest, with creative color combinations and daring reworking of coordinate elements. I specially love her mixes of goth and lolita elements and with coordinates. Feel free to check out her website!
  4. Miss Lilith – Her cutesy gothic style is very unique. It inspired me to try on gothic for a change. I feel like LilithGray is very similar to the cutesy gothic doll you would find in an anime or dating sim. Funnily enough, she plays them, too! You can see her tumblr here.             
  5. Marie Dauphine – If Miss Lilith captures the cute aspect of gothloli, Marie Dauphine encapsulates the elegance of gothic lolita. Her coordinates are intricate, mystical, and atmospheric. It is like a cloud of goth-ness surrounds her. She is gothic aristocratic princess and artisan alike. The fact that she’s a taxidermist that makes her own skull-accessories blows my mind! I recommend you take a peek at her tumblr.                                                        
  6. Lovely Lor – LovelyLor is well-known and well-loved for her funny video skits. While I feel like her style is too sweet for my taste, I can appreciate its sense of uniqueness. Only Lor looks like Lor! You can watch her youtube videos here.

  7. Princess Peachie – Princess Peachie, while also being too sweet and pastel for me, seems like a sweet person. She is a great lolita for the newbies because she is comfortable talking about off-brand and bodyline and has a lot of budget-friendly advice. Additionally, her openness about her physical condition and how to balance being a lolita with the rest of her life is very admirable. You go Peachie! You can find her in her youtube channel.                                                         
  8. Angiichan – While Angiichan has moved more to Otome style, her coordinates are very clean cut and visually striking. Her use of colors is well-balanced and takes on a good mix of royalty and lady-likeness that is very reminiscent of Otome kei –no wonder she toes the line between both! Her blog, Spoon and Fork can be found here
  9. RinRin Doll – RinRin Doll is not only famous model, but she seems like a sweet person. Her general fashion sense is really good, and I love her hair! You can see her website here
  10. Lemontree11 – This Lolita is an artist as well as a lolita. I love seeing her coordinates accompanied by her own artwork. They look very whimsical and airy together, which give her a sense of lightness I don’t observe in many other lolitas. You can look at her work here.

These lovely people are just 10 of the many amazing lolitas out there. I give honorable mention to others like Fanny Rosie, Skullita, lace a la mode, Parfait Doll, and My Subarashii Lolidays, but there are plenty of talented individuals in the lolita community!

Is there anybody you think is awesome at coordinating? Perhaps you know of a hidden youtube or blogger with an amazing sense of style? Let me know in the comments below!

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