Tuesday, January 5, 2016

30 Day Lolita Challenge - Day Five: 10 items from your wishlist (Picture Heavy!)

Hello everyone!

Keiko here~
For the fifth day of the lolita challenge, I get to rant about my wishlist! I'll keep it focused to main pieces because I'm not really searching for specific accessories right now.
I'm quite excited, as I am always on the hunt for pieces (even if I'm strapped for cash OTL...). Anyway, without further ado:

10 Items From My Lolita Wishlist

1. Horror Garden JSK I in Ivory or Black 

This jumperskirt speaks to me strongly in ivory because it looks extremely phantasmagoric. Though I am generally not a big fan of cross motifs, I love the bat-wing details in the collar and the bows. The black jsk is more apt for a vampiric or necromancer-type coord, but I would go full on ghost on the ivory one. Hopefully the price of this piece stabilizes soon!

2. Tea Time Nostalgia JSK in Black or Bordeaux

Tea Time Nostalgia reminds me a lot of the 'Be Our Guest' scene in Beauty and the Beast. It is a very elegant print that I feel can be coorded like a scene from a spooky movie in which all dining implements take on a life of their own. I prefer this specific cut over the JSK II cut because I like the flower brooch and higher-cut jsks in general.

3. Petit Patisserie high-waist JSK in Brown

Now this one I used to own. I like Petit Patisserie. It's comfy and easy to wear! I really regret selling this dress OTL... I would wear it to work, to class, on outings. It was very nice and it began my obsession with AP chiffon prints.

4. Mercator’s Antique Shop Bustier or Long JSK in Black or Navy

I am in love with this print despite how busy it looks. The coordinates I have seen with it are amazing and really creative! As someone who lives in a town with several curious antique shops, I feel like this is a must. I couldn't really choose a cut because, while the bustier style would probably suit my body shape better, I don't really like the additional two bows at the waist. It seems like too much. Plus, I like the added length and balance in the long JSK.

5. Revival Lotta JSK in Blue or Brown

I used to own this beauty in blue but had to sell it in order to pay the bills ORZ... Though the crossed traps in the back were too tight and the non-crossed straps were too loose, I still love this print. I could say that it is one of the few more classic pieces that I am in love with. I hope I can find it again sometime!

6.  Kitten’s Wonder Night Tea Party High-Waist JSK in Wine
Here we have a very recent print. Many people were quick to name it the Alice and the Pirates version of Angelic Pretty's Cat's Tea Party. I happen to agree, but I feel like these sassy cats have much more personality than those in APs infamous dress--and their dress is a lot cheaper, too! I favor the high-waist cut because I am not a big fan of the rhombus design on the bodice. I feel like it obscures a print that is already busy and should be appreciated as such.

7. Baroque’s Antique Cutlery JSK and Tights in Pink or Ivory
I am a big fan of cutlery motifs. If I wasn't already collecting two different types of prints, I'd add cutlery to my pile of dress themes. Baroque's design is very elegant in both the JSK and OP, but I would probably go with the JSK instead, just because OPs are not really my thing. If you see this puppy for sale, let me know! I hardly see it around and would love to own one sometime in the future~
8. Elegy’s Eat Your Heart Out in the 'Fresh' Colorway

Another dress I used to own and that I had to sell because of financial reasons. I loved guro lolita from the moment I saw it, but it was hard to find the occasion to wear this dress and it was a tad too long for me. Still, I am a sucker for its creepy-cute aesthetic, its cutlery, and the fabulous craftsmanship of this indie brand. The materials are super soft and high-quality. It is a definite recommend!

9. Sugar Dream Dome Collar JSK in Navy

For once I do not prefer the high-waist cut! I saw this puppy come out at the end of 2014 and was bummed I could not get it at the time. I am still undecided as to whether I should seriously hunt for it or not because not only is it an expensive dress, but it does not come in a colorway that matches any of my wardrobe! It would be very costly to buy the accessories necessary to do it justice, so for now it remains at the bottom of my wishlist despite its high cuteness factor.

10. Puppet Circus JSK in Black
This is another piece I'm not 100% certain of. I really like the print itself, but I find that having a screenprint on velveteen would be an insane amount of work. Unfortunately, cleaning it is not the only over-the-top part of it- this print is often sold for over a thousand U.S. dollars. As much as I like it, I don't think I could justify paying that much for it, so unless I saw it on a bargain or something like that, I don't really think I'll be getting this one. Admiring it is for free, though! 

Thankfully, I have a wardrobe that I am pretty happy with. My tastes have changed quite a bit since starting but I feel a bit more established in the kinds of pieces I feel comfortable wearing. This wishlist, therefore, has been organized by how comfortable I would feel owning these pieces. If you see any for sale, though, let me know.

What kind of main pieces are you looking for? Are there any accessories that strike your fancy? Let me know in the comments below, and I'll try and help you hunt for them, too.

Keiko out~!

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