Monday, January 25, 2016

30 Day Lolita Challenge - Day Twenty Five: Your favorite lolita themed artwork

Hello everybody!

This is Keiko and I hope you are feeling up for some art appreciation today because day twenty five's prompt is meant to showcase some lolita-themed art.

I feel like there is an astounding amount of talented people in the lolita community. There are artisans, creative writers, artists, musicians, cinematographers-- you name it, we have it!

I mentioned before that I really liked Lemontree11's art, and I stand by that whole-heartedly. It is very light and whimsical! Imai Kira's postcards are also quite beautiful and ornate. I like hanging them up and admiring them from time to time. But I think it's time I introduce a different artist: Indifferentsocks
AKA the artist behind the Snobby Lolitas portraits
 I loved her style and sassy flavor text the moment I saw it, and I just -had- to commission her. She opens her tumblr up for commissions often, so you can email her with a request. Once she accepts the request, you can send her a picture of the coordinate you want her to draw and a punny catchphrase if you'd like (I did mine). Then she gets back to you with a preliminary sketch. Once you approve it, she colors it and submits it to you for one final round of approval. As of this post, she's open for commissions. Check out her tumblr here. The price of a portrait will depend on the complexity of the print, but she does some really detailed work!

Though I draw a bit myself, I love to admire people's style and creativity when it comes to illustrating lolita's intricate details. Do you have a favorite lolita artist? Or perhaps do you draw, yourself? Feel free to share your lolitArt in the comments below~

Keiko out~

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