Friday, January 22, 2016

30 Day Lolita Challenge - Day Twenty Two: A picture of your room (Picture Heavy!)

Hello everybody!

Keiko here~

Today is day twenty two of our challenge and the prompt is one I've been looking forward to for a long time. I get to show you peeps my room! I recently moved back to my campus for my last semester of college, so I don't have a ton of space, but I went all out this year and decorated as best I could.
Without further ado, I present you my lolita crib:
Entrance of the Keiko Cave
Weaboo corner to the right of door
Getting ready station to the left of door
Lolita purses and berets behind the door
Wall decor is mostly tags, cards, and notes + some posters
Close up of the pastel side of the wall
My stuffed animal pile
From pokemon to Arpakasso to Bravest Warriors~
Under my bed
My desk
Hello Kitty Station

Accessories, necklaces, and magical girl shrine on top of my drawing supplies
The closet is open, so I tried separating it with a curtain
My normal clothes
My lolita closet
Rilakkuma Shrine~ <3
Do you have parts of your room that you really like? Is it because you decorated them, or because you like the design? Show off your crib in the comments below~!

Keiko out~

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  1. I love how you decorated your room! My favorite detail is your Rilakkuma shrine. <3 I also really like how you devoted a corner to your clothes (efficient use of space) and gave it a gauzy curtain (kind of like a romantic portal? haha).

    My favorite part of my bedroom is a shelf that my partner installed with artifacts from our wedding (paper heart garlands, photos of us, our wedding shoes, and a fancy frame we got as a gift). It is right above a short wardrobe that has a yellowish lamp on top, so it gets nice warm lighting and it makes me happy every time that I look at it. :]

    Thanks again for sharing your room post! I am looking forward to seeing your beautiful Lolita dresses close up in your wardrobe post. :] :]