Saturday, January 16, 2016

30 Day Lolita Challenge - Day Sixteen?: One day in your lolita life in pictures (Picture Heavy)

Hello everybody!

This is Keiko~

Today is day sixteen of the 30 day challenge, but I'll be completing prompt 11. After this, we resume regular prompt order, so stay tuned! Today's prompt is one day in my lolita life in pictures.
Now, as I mentioned previously, it is waaaaaay too freaking cold to wear lolita out comfortably, so I'll show you pictures of my last loliday with my friend Berry Rose instead. We went to New York City and did all sorts of cool things!

First, we started the day off by getting ready for the day at the hotel we were staying at.
My front bow wasn't done yet!
Then, we went out to take the subway towards SoHo in order to visit the Baby, The Stars Shine Bright store by there. We didn't get any good pictures there because it was crowded and dark --and we got there just in time to hop on the metro!
Windy and cold, but still a great day
You are not allowed to take pictures inside brand stores, and this branch was no exception, so I took a picture in front real quick, and we both rushed in because it was getting chilly. While the shop is modest in size, it carries merchandise from Baby, Alice and the Pirates, Putamayo, and some other brands like H. Naoto, Hangry and Angry, and Innocent World. There were several other lolitas inside, which was great because both of us are generally lone lolitas, so seeing others was great!

I think we spent a total of 2 hours just browsing the store and deciding what to buy from it as a memento of the occasion. I ended up getting my first brand parasol in ivory, and Berry Rose got an Innocent World blouse she fell in love with. All in all, I'd say we had a successful visit and I'd like to go back some time.

On our way back, we had to walk quite a while because we got hopelessly lost. We ended up finding a cute little community garden and decided to hang out there for a little bit to rest.
There was a nice archway and lots of shade
Chess Chocolate next to an actual chessboard
Me being a derp because why not?
Our refreshing stop was restful, but we grew hungry. The wafting smell of street food enticed us and we pressed on. The way back was full of restaurants and cafés, yet there was a place that called our name: a Japanese crepe store!

There were so many choices!
All the crepes looked yummy, too~
Berry got a green tea crepe with strawberries
I was super hungry so I got an eggs + bacon crepe
Super tasty!
After stopping by the extra-crowded crepe business, we felt like the day wasn't quite complete. There was something missing to finish the loliday--tea! Berry proposed we visit one of her favorite places for tea, Ladurée. There is one located in SoHo, so we promptly scurried over in the cold to find a huuuuuuge line! It was worth it though.
The menus were quite pretty
I caught Berry sneaking a picture of the teacups
Ladurée is a French bakery with great desserts
After we had some amazing rose and black teas to warm up, Berry and I braved the cold one final time to return to the hotel. We didn't get lost on the way back, so we celebrated by having dinner in the hotel and staying up and watching movies. It was a really fun experience and I can't wait to meet up with her again in the future!
What's you lolita life like? Do you only wear the fashion for special occasions or do you wear it all the time? What kinds of things do you like to do in lolita? Let me know in the comments below!
Keiko out~

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